4 Ways To Use Liquid Eggs Whites In Your Home Kitchen

Many home cooks have discovered innovative ways to use leftover egg whites in recipes. However, if you don't routinely prepare items such as mayonnaise, ice cream, and certain types of desserts that only use egg yolks, you may not have ready access to egg whites unless you simply discard the yolks, which is wasteful. That's where liquid egg yolks come in. You can purchase these from a variety of retailers, including your local supermarket and companies like Egg Whites 24/7. High in protein and low in fat, liquid egg whites are a favorite of health-conscious consumers. Following are four nutritious and delicious ways that you can use them in your home kitchen.


Egg white omelets are a perfect alternative for those who don't won't want to give up egg dishes but are concerned about fat, calorie, and carbohydrate intake. A basic egg white omelet made with cheddar cheese and vegetables has just 110 calories.


Use egg white washes when you want to give your pie or bread crust a rich, golden-brown surface. The glaze is simple to make—simply add a pinch of two of salt to the egg white, beat vigorously, and apply evenly with a pastry brush. Leave the salt out if you want a crispier crust that's paler in color. One egg white is enough for standard-sized pie crusts or bread loaves.


If your personal tastes in desserts run to elegant, light-textured fare, look for recipes that use egg whites. Meringue cookies, for instance, have an ethereal taste and airy texture. Using only four ingredients, these cookies are easy to whip up, and they store in the freezer for up to a month. Angel food cake is a classic dessert that's prepared using egg whites, is appropriate for any occasion, and takes on an extra layer of elegance when you serve it with a drizzle of chocolate, a spoonful of freshly picked berries, or a delightful combination of both.


Egg whites are used by professional bartenders to provide certain cocktails with texture. You can easily learn to do this at home by using an old fashioned martini shaker to shake the egg into the cocktail to provide a frothy layer of foam on the top. This works best with hot toddies, eggnog, Tom and Jerries, and other classic cold-weather libations. You can also add an egg white foam to creamy non-alcoholic drinks such as hot chocolate for an extra-special festive edge.