Creating Themed Wine Gift Baskets To Give As Exciting Gifts

If you are looking for the perfect gift for an adult, a trip to a local liquor store or winery can be a wonderful starting point. Many people enjoy the taste of wine with dinner or as a relaxing cocktail. Consider purchasing a bottle of wine and dressing it up in a gift basket along with themed items. Here are a few ideas you can use to give you inspiration to give a gift that will be sure to be appreciated.

An After Dinner Treat

Purchase a bottle of wine to be enjoyed by the recipient when unwinding after a long day. Purchase a large basket and line it with a thin fleece blanket. This can be used to warm the recipient on a cool night as they enjoy a crisp glass of wine in a wine glass you add to the gift basket. Look for a unique glass, perhaps with an etched initial or favorite quotation added upon it. Add a paperback book that is currently hot on the charts and a snack such as an imported cheese and savory crackers to your basket. This gift will give the recipient an activity to look forward to as soon as they see it!

A Relaxing Spa Ensemble

Consider making a spa and wine gift basket for someone who deserves pampering. Purchase a blow-up foot bath to use for the basket. Inside, add bath soaps, lotions, and a loofah bar. A cooling gel eye mask can be placed inside for the recipient to rest weary eyes. Put in a fragrant candle or potpourri in the basket to enhance the senses while the recipient takes a luxurious bubble bath. Last, add a bottle of fine wine and a plastic wine glass to complete the gift.

A Night Of Entertainment

Create an entertaining gift basket for the recipient to use with a friend or loved one. Purchase a large bowl in festive colors. Inside, place a few boxes of popcorn, a bagged snack or trail mix, a few crossword puzzle boxes and pencils, a deck of cards, and a current movie on DVD. Add a fruity wine and two wine glasses. This is a great gift for a couple who enjoys quiet nights at home playing games or watching television. They will be sure to break open their delicious snacks and wine one night when they would like quiet time having fun together.