Two Tips For Selecting A Wine To Go With Your Baked Poussin

If you are like a lot of people, you bake chicken from time to time. However, when you buy poussin chicken, also called spring chicken or simply poussin, it deserves something a little special to go with the juicier, leaner meat that this type of chicken is known for. Wine can be a perfect partner to a baked poussin, but you might not know what kind of wine to choose, as there are many types to choose from. Here are some things you should know about buying a wine to pair with your spring chicken.

You Don't Need to Choose White

The general rule of thumb is that white wines go best with poultry. However, light and medium red wine varieties are also suitable for a poussin. Generally, it depends on what kinds of herbs and seasonings you put on your chicken.

For a chicken washed down with lemon juice, the bright, tart taste might pair well with a crisp white wine, such as a chardonnay. However, if you've seasoned the poussin with Indian spices such as turmeric, a light red wine, such as a pinot noir, would be flavorful and delicious. Dark red wines such as syrah might be a wonderful choice if you haven't seasoned your chicken very much and are seeking out a hearty, rich flavor for your chicken. 

Overall, if the chicken has been seasoned with rosemary, basil and other herbs, you might want to try a white wine. If you have created a bold flavor profile or want one, you may want to go with a red.

You Can Use the Side Dishes as a Guide

Of course, if you are baking a poussin, you probably plan to add side dishes and other elements that will create a full meal. You can use your side dishes as a guide to help you determine what kind of wine you want to serve.

Eating creamy sides like risotto? White wines typically complement creamy dishes well. Plan to add some artisanal cheeses to your meal? Cheese and red wine have long been paired together. If you cannot decide, consider a rose or a blush wine that will be neither too bold or too dry.

Use the information laid out in this article to help you select a wine to go with your baked poussin. You can experiment with different kinds of wines to see which you like best.