Appetizers For Dill Pickle Lovers

With the holidays on their way, dill pickle lovers everywhere are probably wondering how they can incorporate kosher dill pickles into their meals and parties. These festive and tasty dill pickle appetizer recipes are perfect for those of you who love to eat dill pickles day and night.

Dill Pickle and Beef Wheels

Not only are these little wheels tasty, but they're also colorful, which makes them perfect for generating holiday cheer. The ingredients you'll need for this recipe include:

  • Kosher dill pickles
  • High quality dried beef
  • Cream cheese
  • Dried dill

To make these simple wheels, spread cream cheese over the dried beef, then wrap the beef all the way around the pickles, sandwiching the cream cheese in the middle. When you're finished, put the pickles in the refrigerator and let them chill for a couple hours. When done, slice the pickles into wheels, sprinkle with dried dill and pierce with a toothpick.

Rosemary Pickle Olive Wreaths

This recipe is more for show than anything else, but it makes a great garnish for the center of your table. The ingredients you'll need include:

  • Fresh rosemary
  • Fresh olives (multiple colors)
  • Bright red cherry tomatoes
  • Balls of fresh mozzarella
  • Mini dill pickles
  • Red ribbon

Arrange the sprigs of fresh rosemary in a circle on an attractive platter so that the rosemary looks like a wreath. Then arrange the cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, olives and mini dill pickles around the wreath in an attractive arrangement. Tie the red ribbon into a bow and place it at the top of the wreath. Feel free to put a container of dip in the center of the platter, fill the middle with fresh slices of baguette, or leave the center empty and put a container of dip in the middle.

Fried Dill Pickles

You can't go wrong with tasty, deep fried dill pickles. This treat is best served fresh, so make it very shortly before you plan to give it to your guests. The ingredients include:

  • Canola oil
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Black pepper
  • Pickles, cut into spears

Mix together the flour and two types of pepper into a bowl. Remember, the more pepper you add, the more punch the pickles will have, so add only as much pepper as makes you comfortable. Crack an egg into a separate dish and mix with a fork. Pour the canola oil into a high-walled frying pan and put it on the stove over medium heat.

Dip the pickle spears into the egg, then into the flour, then into the frying pan. Fry the pickles until they're golden brown and lay them on a plate covered in paper towels. Serve fresh.

These tasty appetizers will help you enjoy your holidays to their fullest. Enjoy!